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Bracelet Hand Crocheted Rope Candy Cane baby pink cranberry Swarovski

Bracelet Hand Crocheted Rope Candy Cane baby pink cranberry Swarovski. Candy cane hand crocheted rope bracelet baby pink cranberry Swarovski Crystal beaded bangle. This is a stunning handmade beaded rope bracelet in baby pink glass pearls, cranberry glass pearls and clear Swarovski crystals. Bracelet is in a gorgeous twisted striped pattern that resembles a candy cane. Ends of hand crafted bracelet have a decorative metal end cap that tapers down to a beautiful heart shaped toggle clasp, creating a very comfortable wear! Clear Swarovski crystals add an incredibly rich and sparkling light into the bracelet as it picks up all the surrounding colors and shine! Beads are different sizes and shapes which creates a beautiful texture and depth to this hand crocheted beauty. Beaded rope bracelet measures 8" end to end including clasp.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

In creating all these bracelets, they always remind me of a candy cane, so this one I did in colors that resemble it throughly.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Baby pink glass pearls, cranberry glass pearls, clear swarovski cyrstals, wildfire beading thread, metal end caps, heart shaped

Size: 8" end to end including clasp

Color: Red, Baby Pink, white, clear