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Thank you for your interest in my store.  If you see any knit design that has previously sold, please contact me about it.  Most anything can be remade.  


Bracelet Handmade Beaded bangle Hunter Green Brass Embellished Top


Bracelet Handmade Beaded bangle Hunter Green Brass Embellished Top. Handmade Hunter Green gemstone, Green Banded Agate, Green Swarovski Crystal and Metallic Green seed beads are accentuated by the rich brass metal beads which contrast all the dark colors. This is a truly unique woven beaded bracelet with an embellished top to bring out the richness of the green gemstones. Green gemstones are highly irregular and in a donut shape with flecks of orange, red and hues of green throughout. Banded agate is just so rich and varies in color from the lightest of green to the darkest hunter green, some beads have stripes and others are more solid, creating exquisite variants and accentuate the richness of this wonderful combination. Brass beads are shaped like a top and have spikes in the center which create a very unique texture to this handmade bracelet. Bracelet is finished off by a brass rope toggle clasp. Overall bracelet measures 8" including clasp, but joins at the 7 1/2" inside the toggle clasp.

Product Attributes

Green gemstones, green swarovski crystals, banded agate gemstones, metallic seed beads, brass metal beads, brass toggle clasp, Size 7 1/2" - 8" ; Color Green, Gold,