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Bracelet Handmade Beaded Sapphire Lampwork Decorative Gunmetal Gray


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Bracelet Handmade Beaded Sapphire Lampwork Decorative Gunmetal Gray. Simply stunning Sapphire blue lampwork beads have incredible depth and intensity. Vintage silver metal decorative bead caps hug these incredible lamp work beads. Incredibly decorative gunmetal spacer beads at another vintage quality to this incredible handmade beaded bracelet. Cobalt blue Swarovski crystals surround these elegant beads and ignite the colors with the rich sparkle and shine when they pick up the surrounding light. All combined together this is a stunning bracelet that will be sure to catch your eye. It really is a one of kind, unique handmade piece of jewelry that would compliment any jewelry collection. This elegant bracelet measures 8" end to end, 7 1/2" where connection is made. 

Sapphire is the birthstone for September. 


Sapphire, the September birthstone, has been popular since the Middle Ages and, according to folklore, will protect your loved ones from envy and harm. Medieval clergy wore sapphires to symbolize heaven, while commoners thought the gem attracted heavenly blessings. Blue sapphires range from very light to very dark greenish or violetish blue, as well as various shades of pure blue. The most prized colors are a medium to medium dark blue or slightly violetish blue. Sapphire is a variety of the gem species corundum and occurs in all colors of the rainbow. Pink, purple, green, orange, or yellow corundum are known by their color (pink sapphire, green sapphire). Ruby is the red variety of corundum.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Sapphire lampwork beads, gunmetal gray metal beads, cobalt blue swarovski crystals, blue spacer beads, silver metal bead caps, s

Size: 7 - 7 1/2"

Color: Sapphire Blue