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Pistachio Emerald Cotton Scarf long thin leaf pattern Swarovski Crystal

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Perfect for autumn, this long and thin pistachio cotton scarf is really elegant and is embellished with Emerald Swarovski Crystals throughout the scarf.  One of my favorite things to knit is lace.  I love the intricate and delicate feminine patterns. This is handknit in 3/2 100% cotton.  The intricate pattern is lacy and delicate.  Handmade cotton scarf can be worn in so many styles.  Pistachio scarf is 82" long and 4" wide.  The cotton yarn has a pearly feel to it which feels wonderful.  Lacey edge creates a round style to enhance the leaf pattern in the center.  The color is absolutely luscious.  

Lace scarf is knit in 100% cotton which needs to be hand washed and laid flat to dry.  To maintain the pattern, stretch out the scarf end to end and pull the sides out to ensure the edge has a nice roundness to it.  

Due to monitor settings the colors may appear different.  Please refer to the manufacturer website and search for Valley Yarns Willow Green 3/2 cotton.